Ways to Save Time: Imperfection


Striving for perfection is not a bad quality. Its a great way to live BUT when you have kids perfection isn’t always possible. Sometime you have to be adaptive and just let it go.

Sorry! I couldn’t pass up that opportunity!

But seriously, perfection can waste so much time its crazy. Trying to get that perfect Instagram photo or making our kid’s school art project look like a realistic giraffe but the eyes just aren’t in the correct position no matter how many times you try.

And no, I would never be guilty of those things *MASSIVE EYEROLL*

It never turns out this good

But getting that perfect Instagram picture? That can be one of the biggest time drains EVER! Try getting a good picture of a 6 year old with ADHD where he isn’t making a goofy face. I dare you!

This is what my actual Photo library looks like. I have to take at least 10 pics of him every time in order to get 1 halfway decent one. LOL!

For my son, I will take a million and more pictures and never apologize for it nor for the time it takes because my focus is on him and I’m spending time with him.

I have no makeup and wrinkles…and you know what? I don’t care because my son looks adorable!

You want to know where I waste a TON of time? On pictures of myself.

This angle is bad. I have a double chin in this one. I’m making a weird face in this one. My hair is sticking up in this one…and on and on and on. I try to take one picture of myself for an Instagram post and suddenly, not only am I being way too overly critical of myself but I’m spending 30 minutes trying to get it just right.

We all know this is the reality either way

Granted, I know that not everyone does this but we all have things we end up wasting time on that are unnecessary.

We all get caught up in this time trap occasionally (or ALL the time) and Elsa really has the right attitude. Just Let it GO! The kids won’t remember if things were perfect but they will remember if you were overly frustrated/upset at something because YOU wanted it to be perfect.

The point I’m trying to get across is that being a mom isn’t perfect. It’s messy and dirty and time consuming so there is no reason to waste time trying to be make every little thing perfect.

If you can’t get the perfect Instagram photo use the best one you have and just glue the eye back on the giraffe art project so that is semi-resembles an animal and call it a day.

Embrace your imperfections and get on with your day!

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